Buried It

This use of social darwinism was what I used to get by and continue working for Terry for the years. In a way I always knew it was wrong of me to be doing what I was doing but i kind of buried any of these thoughts and just kept on doing what I was doing and making as much money as I could,

On Top of the World

This is how I felt when I first started and after high school, I was dying to make anything I could. I was paying for everything and was making way more than any of my friends at the time. Looking back though, they definitely got the last laugh as almost all of their jobs was a stepping stone to better things.

Thank God I eventually changed my ways because if I would have kept working at this watch store, I would have ended up owning the place and who knows what kind of monster I would have turned into.

Reality Check

I remember the day that I finally mentioned to my father what I had been doing at this replica watch store and he was the one who snapped me back into reality.

Doesn’t everyone have a sort of story or look that their parents give them that you know they aren’t mad they are just “disappointed.”

This is what my dad gave me and I immediately realized what I had been doing this whole time.

I’ll get into that next.