Anything I Miss?

Now that you know what I did after finally leaving my job with Terry, was there anything I missed from working at the watch shop?

The Obvious

Well needless to say, the huge pay cut I took was kind of hard to stomach at that age. Even though I was making my money by lying to people, I was making a lot and it was really hard to part with.

Alright, it wasn’t that bad. But being in your early 20’s without a degree and making the kind of money I was making was awesome. But looking back, I was spending it on worthless things and kind of going down the wrong path so what good is money if you are throwing it away and slowly killing yourself?

That’s It

Aside from the money I was making, I can honestly and happily say that there was not one thing about working in that watch shop that I missed.

Not only was I finally making an honest and decent living, I have never made my dad so proud. Not just because of my new jobs, but also because I came clean about everything that was going on at the shop. Not to sound too cliche, but this was a feeling that you honestly could never put a price on and I will never forget.

I am proud to say that I never turned back to a life of any dishonesty. ToWear was finally on the right track!