His Justification

Every Man For Himself

This is what my boss from that horrible watch job would tell me every day during my training and continue to tell me on a daily basis when I was actually working. I don’t know if he just told himself and me this to try and justify it to himself and mask any feelings of guilt he may have been having, but it worked on a fresh out of high school 19 year old ready to make any money he could anyway he could.

It Made Sense

I remember one day specifically we were in the back office doing out closing paperwork for the day and putting in the sales report along with all the other boring duties that go along with closing a store and Terry began going into more detail about what he meant by “every man for himself.”

He became my self-appointed teacher and mentor when it came to this stuff and he began teaching me a little bit about Darwin’s theory of evolution and how it applies perfectly to people in a social sense as well.

Looking back, I think he was taking credit for having come up with the idea of “Social Darwinism” all on his own and I was his protégé. I had heard of the term before but never really applied it to any real situations at that point in my life and I hate to say it, but it really worked on me.

I’ll talk more about exactly what this meant to me tomorrow here on ToWear!H