My New Careers

Now that you know that I finally made the transition into careers that were something I could actually be proud of, I will talk a little bit about each to give you a better idea of who I am and to show you that ToWear is not that deceitful salesman I once was.


Luckily for me, I got into the business of home inspection when it was pretty young and the demand was very high when the scene first came out. Click here if you have no idea what a home inspector is and want a little introduction.

At this point it had been years since I was in high school and I kind of forgot how to use my brain so it took a day or two to get it back moving but the motivation I received from my father was enough to get me through it.

The class was only 2 and a half weeks when it first came out and I passed everything with flying colors my first try. Needless to say my father could not have been more proud of me and even if I started making pennies an hour, it would have been worth it.


What I loved most about this job was giving my now professional and honest opinions I would have to give to potential home buyers. The thing about it was that whether or not they decided to buy the house, my pay was unaffected so unlike my previous sales job I could actually be a genuine person and steer people in the right direction.

I absolutely loved the job and avoided a long road of misery and dishonesty that I was heading down.

I’ll get more into the roofing and gutter job tomorrow.