I’m Not Proud

So if you have been keeping up with me here and caught my last article, you know that my first job involved me working for a man that sold replica watches to unsuspecting and vulnerable customers. He advertised the watches as 100% authentic while in reality they were worth about $25.

If any of you have ever fallen victim to a scam like this, you know it can be a costly one. I am not proud to admit this but to give you an idea of how much money this creep made, I have sold a watch for close to $5,000 when it was a complete replica and nothing about it was authentic.

I Didn’t Know Better

The majority of the money I made at this guys shop was from commission, so naturally I learned everything I could from this guy and began the venture of deceiving people and people a complete scum bag.

Being only 19 at the time, I really didn’t feel that bad about what was going on for the first few months but after time went on the guilt really started to take over. The money was simply too good to leave right away for a 19 year old who just got his own place and didn’t have much direction in his life.

I finished high school and just thought the most responsible thing for me to do would be to start making some cash as quick as possible. And I made it real quick.


Welcome to the Real World

What Just Happened?

I see a common theme around the internet and with younger generations I run into these days. The vast majority of them are chewed up through school, then college, and then are just spit out into the real world and are expected to survive. A lot of kids I talk to now feel like they weren’t prepared enough to enter the real world, even in college which is terrifying.

What’s the point of college if they don’t implement enough real life preparation and what to expect when you’re done?

My hear goes out to these kids and I couldn’t imagine taking on the level of debt that they do with absolutely no real guarantees about what is going to happen next.

I was fortunate to have graduated high school in different times.

Not Quite As Lost

Luckily for me, it really wasn’t out of the ordinary for kids to not to go to college after high school graduation, especially where I grew up and I was no exception.

Immediately after high school I just started dropping in at stores and putting in my application hoping for the best. On the second day of applying I was immediately hired to start working for a terrible man who made his fortunes off of selling replica watches to people for way too much money.

It really opened my eyes to how deceitful the human race can be.

Different Times

College Today

So if you didn’t make it to the end of my first post, I kind of touched on the topic of how times were changing these days and how it seems like it is next to impossible to find any real job out there today without a high school diploma. That really got me thinking more about it and can’t help but make a post dedicated to it.

What’s really crazy to me is the amount of money these colleges are charging students in tuition every year. Not to mention they wouldn’t even dream of supplying books for each class.

How has there not been a student revolt by now??

I feel so old saying this, but back when I was a kid it was more out of the norm for people to go to college than not. College for the most part was reserved for the super smart or super rich kids and I definitely did not make the cut for either of those categories. Neither of my parents went to college and I followed their path.

Jobs were much more readily available at this time though and if you were willing to work, you could find a job. That’s what lead me to my first job of working in that dreadful replica watch store for that horrible man.

I’ll start talking about that tomorrow.

A Changed Man


So let me start off this whole thing by saying that I am completely aware of how dishonest and absolutely disgusting it is to sell anything as a replica and try to pass it off as the real thing. Unfortunately, I worked for a guy that did just that and made a living off of lying and cheating people out of their money. A very good living at that.

Image result for replica watches

Can you tell the difference? I can.

It started many years ago when I was only 19 and didn’t really know better at the time. I never went to college and it wasn’t out of the norm for people to immediately start working after high school and college really was only a place for those whose parents also went to college and had the push from them to carry on the family legacy. I was not so fortunate and neither of my parents had attended college so it was only natural that I followed suit.

Times Are Changing

I want to be clear that this isn’t talking down to either of my parents by the way. Today it seems like college is becoming the new high school diploma and the worth of getting one doesn’t seem to be worth the enormous risk and debt to a lot of potential students. That being said, those without a degree don’t stand much of a chance in today’s competitive market place.

That’s a whole different topic though and will save that for a different blog.

I want to use this page as a place to tell some stories and personal experiences I have had to try and discourage people from partaking in any kind of dishonest business. I am ashamed I was a part of it and hope someone can benefit from my stories.