Honest Career #2

Now that you have a little background on my transitioning of careers and got a little info on my home inspector position and certification I’ll talk about the other job I took on the side as well.

So at this point I was no longer the watch salesman that I once was. Home inspecting was definitely my primary focus and number 1 priority of the two, but to come close to the amount of money I was making with Terry at his watch shop I really didn’t have many options other than getting a second job working for one of my dad’s friend Scott’s little local roof and gutter company.

Looking back, the two jobs actually kind of complimented each other perfectly. I knew what to look for as far as damage to a roof or gutters go for any potential home buyers and for my position with Scott, I knew exactly what needed to be done to qualify as quality home improvement work that an actual inspector would approve.

Side Job

I really only worked for Scott one or two days a week and it was mostly on weekends. I really did enjoy it though because at this point, I had only worked for Terry and never really had to do any blue collar jobs and it was a nice change. Got good exercise and gave me a reason to be outside.

Scott’s company did all sorts of jobs for roofing and gutters on residential homes. Take a look at premieregutterguard.com to get an idea of some of the stuff I had to do. This company doesn’t do roofing and Scott’s did, but I really only worked with gutters so I don’t have much to talk about that aspect of it. I never had to install full systems or anything crazy like that. Scott knew he was doing my father a favor by hiring me and I don’t think he wanted to work me that hard because frankly, I really was pretty under qualified.

One thing I will admit though, I was absolutely great at cleaning gutters. Scott even pulled me aside one day to tell me that I was better and put more attention to detail than some of the guys who had been working for him for years and it made me feel great actually getting praise from someone respectable and not a scumbag like I had been used to working for.

A lot of people honestly let their gutters get this bad and I was right there to clean up the mess. Scott’s company also installed these heavy duty gutter covers thing that stopped the above from happening. That was a little beyond what I was capable of doing though and I mostly stuck to the cleaning.

Who knows where I would have been if I never took on these 2 new jobs. I’d probably be carrying out Terry’s miserable legacy.

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