I’m Not Proud

So if you have been keeping up with me here and caught my last article, you know that my first job involved me working for a man that sold replica watches to unsuspecting and vulnerable customers. He advertised the watches as 100% authentic while in reality they were worth about $25.

If any of you have ever fallen victim to a scam like this, you know it can be a costly one. I am not proud to admit this but to give you an idea of how much money this creep made, I have sold a watch for close to $5,000 when it was a complete replica and nothing about it was authentic.

I Didn’t Know Better

The majority of the money I made at this guys shop was from commission, so naturally I learned everything I could from this guy and began the venture of deceiving people and people a complete scum bag.

Being only 19 at the time, I really didn’t feel that bad about what was going on for the first few months but after time went on the guilt really started to take over. The money was simply too good to leave right away for a 19 year old who just got his own place and didn’t have much direction in his life.

I finished high school and just thought the most responsible thing for me to do would be to start making some cash as quick as possible. And I made it real quick.


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